The Most Common Myths about Logo Design

//The Most Common Myths about Logo Design

The Most Common Myths about Logo Design

Why should you design a logo? Why logo designing is so important for branding?

It’s true that many don’t understand the importance of logo and logo designing. And, it is one of the most confusing elements of branding. Since everyone seems to make a theory about what can help make or break a logo but somehow none of this seems to be working. So what is the solution? Here are top logo design myths that you should be aware of and avoid these at any cost.

A Logo Has to Show What Company Does

The first myth about logos that people talk about is that logos have to reflect what company does. They think their logo is their brand and superimpose all of its meaning on top of their logo.

However, it’s better if it doesn’t. The more conceptual the logo, the more everlasting it can become. Your brand is something deeper than logo. How can it show you what your business do? Instead, logos make it clear who you are from the rest and hence public can get the meaning between what company does and shape of the mark. For example, logos of Penguin and Shell don’t provide clues as to what their respective companies do.

A Logo has to be Timeless

Like everything gets old with time, logos age too. From time to time they need some touch ups or some improvements to be more in line with the upcoming trends. Companies such as Shell, Volkswagen, IBM, Xerox, and Coca Cola altered their logos and improved them nearly a dozen times.

So don’t fret about working for a timeless logo. Make a logo that works now and then improve it later. Intentionally it is not possible to create a timeless logo. Yet, it should be authentic and consistent to the values of brand.

A Logo Has to be Likeable

A logo is not an eye candy. Logos are meant to provide a unique signature that relates with the qualities of the company. Either people like or dislike your logo design, it has nothing to do with what company offers to them. People don’t care about logos; instead they care about what company can or cannot do for them. Employ the best logo design principles. You don’t need approval of friends and neighbours. Just do it and put it out there!

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